○ About Us

In 2006 we promised to change the public image of laundries in South Africa, both in content and in presentation.

A quick study of the pictures on this page will demonstrate just how successful we have been in fulfilling that promise. Indeed, it is impossible now to recognise what laundries looked like before our arrival.

Finally, we consciously created a clean and airy environment.

Not only have we added greatly to customer convenience through extended opening hours and state of the art washing machines and dryers. Our services now include drop & go laundry (from a 2 hour express to an economy 24 hour service), self-service laundry, dry cleaning, blanket and duvet washing up to king size, curtain cleaning, SMS notification, free Wi-Fi, computer rental and printing services, as well as a comfortable waiting area for our self-service clients. 

We have also brought new laundry-related products to the table – sneaker cleaning, jackets and school blazer cleaning, as well as a very useful laundry marking rubber stamp, which we launched in March 2020.

And how has our promise panned out? Beyond our wildest dreams. From the very start our customers embraced the truth that laundry does not have to involve black plastic Bags, tropical heat, long waits and indifferent machines. As a result, we have fought our way to the front of the local laundry line. And we mean to stay there, through analysing our customers’ changing needs, maintaining our proudly high standards and sheer hard work.

Orange Ring presently processes well over 350 loads of washing a day, each completed load being returned to its owner securely wrapped in protective plastic for ease of carrying. We also clean more than 1250 pairs of sneakers per month; and process an average of 35 large items – including blankets, duvets and curtains – daily.

Our Self-Service section has shown similar remarkable growth, aided by our customers being able to while away the time with internet use, a cup of coffee, or perhaps just reading the newspaper in our dedicated waiting area.

The secret lies in first class, state of the art machines, fast turnaround, broad customer choice and, above all, value for money.

We believe we have achieved our initial target of turning the chore of laundry into a pleasant experience. But we are always looking for ways to improve, and new products to add to customer satisfaction. For this reason, if you have any suggestions, compliments, or even complaints, please email us @ info@orangering.co.za to assist in our constant search to bring better service and innovation to your domestic laundry needs.

Try us. You will not be disappointed.