○ About Us

In May 2006 Orange Ring set out to change the public image of laundries in South Africa.

The road we chose was radical innovation, both in method and in presentation.

We invested heavily in high powered, imported front loading washers and dryers, able to tackle with ease everything from domestic loads to curtains, blankets, and even carpets.

We also lengthened opening hours, and brought in SMS notification and credit card facilities to save everyone's time.

Finally, we consciously created a clean and airy environment.

Since 2006, responding to public demand, we have added sneaker cleaning and school blazers to our highly successful mix of products.

Today, Orange Ring processes well over 300 loads of washing a day, each completed load being returned to its owner securely wrapped in protective plastic.

Our Self Service section has shown similar remarkable growth, aided by our customers being able to while away the time with internet use, a cup of excellent coffee, or perhaps just reading the paper in our spacious waiting area.

The secret lies in first class state of the art machines, fast turnaround, broad customer choice and, above all, value for money.

We believe we have achieved our initial target of turning the chore of laundry into a pleasant experience, but we are always looking for ways to improve, and new products to add to customer satisfaction.

Try us. You will not be disappointed.