○ Drop & Go & Laundry

'Drop & Go' is the traditional method of doing laundry whereby washing is left with us to be cleaned and dried, and collected when done. You will be notified by SMS when your laundry is ready for collection. All your washing will be handed back to you securely wrapped in clear plastic to assist in easy transportation.

○ ○ ○ Rates ○ ○ ○



15% Off Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Collect next day by 5pm.

Wash/Dry/Fold R24.00 per kg
Wash/Dry/Press R36.00 per kg
Press only R24.00 per kg
*minimum rates apply  

Same day Service

15% Off Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Drop off before 12 noon and collect the same day.

Wash/Dry/Fold R30.00 per kg
Wash/Dry/Press R45.00 per kg
Press only R30.00 per kg
*minimum rates apply  

Express Service

15% Off Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

One to two hour service.

Wash/Dry/Fold R37.50 per kg
Wash/Dry/Press R56.50 per kg
Press only R37.50 per kg
*minimum rates apply  

○ Self Service & Laundry

Considering you can be in and out in little over an hour, self service is the most economical option. We also offer FREE Wi-Fi while you wait.


Wash  R30.00 per load
Dry  R40.00 per load


○ Large Items 15% Off Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Larger household items, such as curtains, comforters, blankets,and carpets, need cleaning on a regular basis just as much as clothes do.Our specialist washing machines are capable of taking up to a 25kg load.


Per Item
Comforter / Blanket Single R65.00
Comforter / Blanket Double R85.00
Comforter / Blanket Queen R105.00
Comforter / Blanket King or Double Layered R125.00
Sleeping Bag R65.00
Curtains Fold (per kg)* R31.00* 
Curtains Press (per kg)* R47.00* 
Rugs / Carpets (per kg)* R31.00*

○ Sneaker Cleaning

This useful innovation, involving an air wash process and secret formula, was pioneered by Orange Ring and has proven a resounding success. Please note this is a 24 hour service.

Rates: R45.00 per sneaker pair


○ Jacket / Blazer Cleaning

This is another new service offered by Orange Ring. Please note this is an overnight service.

Rates: R45.00 per item

○ Dry Cleaning

We offer a full range of quality dry cleaning, which is operated to the same high standards and represents yet another convenient solution for our customers. Please note this is a 3/4 working day service.


Classic - (Dark) Delux - (Light)
Jacket R75.00 R90.00
Jacket - Coat Long / Fur Lined ~ R150.00
Jersey / Cardigan R75.00 R90.00
Suit - 2 Piece R100.00 R150.00
Trousers / Pants / Slacks / Jeans R50.00 R75.00
Evening Dress ~ R150.00

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